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Summer Recipe

Mom made some fab chicken for memorial day and I used the leftovers tonight in a recipe I threw together. DELICIOUS!

Two tenderized boneless chicken breasts, marinated in Lawry’s hawaiian (overnight) then grilled

one orange bell pepper (chopped)

one vidalia onion (chopped)

roasted garlic (I bought some at Food Lion. I only used a spoonful or two.)

handful of chives (chopped)


olive oil

Cut up chicken and add to peppers, onions, chives, garlic. Saute in olive oil over medium heat. Salt to taste. Serve alone or with rice or noodles.

This is sooo easy! And wow – the flavor of the chicken mixed with the peppers and onions leave you wanting more…and it’s not too bad on you, either!

And NO, I do not get paid to advertise for Lawry’s. I just happened to think this particular flavor enhanced the meal so much that I needed to share!

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