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Back from Break

I am not any closer on my writing projects… but I have had some great quality time with my family this summer. We started school 3 weeks ago and thankfully – so far, so good.

A few changes HAVE been happening over at Write2ignite. We have a new webmaster! Her name is Keiki Hendrix. She has been hard at work, revamping, redecorating and re-everything-ing the Write2ignite website. And wow – I think it looks great! You can get a sneak peek at the new website here: http://write2ignite.com/   *EDIT!!! There is a countdown page on the Write2ignite site right now. Only 12 more days until the launch date! YAYAY! You can still head over there, but it’s being held under wraps until the work is complete. I’m biting my fingernails already!

I’m really excited about the creative stuffs Keiki is sharing with us! And if you’re wondering why her name sounds familiar, maybe you’ve heard of the Vessel Project?  You can also find Keiki on FB and on twitter.


6 thoughts on “Back from Break

  1. Hi Donna,

    Welcome back! Oh but you are closer on ONE BIG writing project–your upcoming book! You’ve also been collecting story ideas during all your quality time with family too! That means more writing can pour forth.

    Linda A.


  2. I’m glad you’re back and also glad your summer was fun and family-filled!

    By the way, I was in your neck of the woods this summer on my vacation. We visited Elevation church in Charlotte on our way back from Virginia Beach. I thought you lived near Charlotte but was surprised to find out just how close you were. (Gotta love a smart phone that can look at your site as well as find your location my GPS ap!–I hope I don’t sound like a stalker!) I also think it was Cordova we were in when we drove by some cool looking speedway. You live in a fun town!


    1. No – you don’t sound like a stalker. They don’t let anyone know – they just show up and stare. LOL! 🙂

      Really, next time you are going to be in town, let me know. Maybe we can actually meet in person. That would be cool!


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