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Happiness is…

My oldest DD (I’ll call her Blondie from now on) has a visitor at our house for the weekend. Blondie and her guest are in the other room chatting, giggling, and finishing each other’s sentences. My Blondie hasn’t stopped smiling all day.

Who is the visitor? Blondie’s best friend of 6 years…. who just happened to move to a different state last month.

Yes, this is a special day for Blondie. Blondie’s best friend, (we’ll call her Shortcake), has been in Blondie’s life since they were 8. The first thing they talked about? A pair of flip-flops.

“I like your flip-flops,” said Shortcake.

“Thanks,” replied Blondie.

That was all it took. They’ve shared a brain ever since.

Happiness is knowing they can tease each other and still know they are best friends. Happiness is knowing that the miles haven’t erased their friendship. And the most beautiful happiness of all? Knowing they are joined as sisters in Christ.

I think I’ll go now and listen to more of those precious Blondie and Shortcake giggles…


7 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. I love the sound of children sharing laughter and music and conversation. Best friends are the best. So happy Blondie has a chance to spend the whole weekend with her.


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