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My newest pics

I’m taking a photography class and learning lots! Here are a few shots that are my fave. I’ll be taking more shots this week and might post more if you guys are up for it!
For clarification: The black and white photo of the boy in the hall was taken in color, then reduced down to TWO colors. I thought it turned out funky cool.
altered colors


11 thoughts on “My newest pics

  1. These are so cool. I liked the reflection photo but I couldn’t help thinking you were lucky to find patient models. Please let us see and know more. And congratulations to you for taking the class. Well done.


  2. Hi Joy! Thanks for your comment. The guy in the hall was a quick photo and I was blessed to get it. I showed the fella after I took it. He liked it. 🙂 (But I didn’t want to put up the color version b/c it would show too much of what he really looked like and I don’t like to do that with other people’s children.)

    The hands shot took about 10 or so shots to get just right. But it was fun!


  3. I’m envious! Although I’m not into a lot of special effects, I’d love to take a photography class if only to figure out how to make better use of my camera’s various features. I love your shot of the hands.


  4. That’s so great that you’re taking a photography class! I would love to learn more about photography–just not sure how I’d add it in to my schedule at this point. Definitely need to tune my ears and eyes into tidbits of info that I come across and try to apply some little things anyway. Have fun with it!


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