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The “C” word


It is not a respecter of age, gender, nationality, race or financial status. It slinks in and whispers haunting songs of fear to our minds, extending cold fingers to steal peace, joy and hope.

Cancer’s hollow grin casts shadows in the places that long to embrace and shine light, expecting us to accept its ugly, deadly nature.

And on the long, scary nights when cancer boasts its conquests and waves a tattered victory flag – it waits… believing we will roll over and give up. Believing we will lose all hope. And cancer believes it will win by default.

But Cancer is wrong.

DAWN BREAKS… and the sun rips away the veil of darkness and we see cancer for what it really is: a terrorist wreaking havoc on the entire human race… a sniveling, snotty, stupid-head bully.

So what do we do?


A couple of weeks ago, I had the joy of meeting two beautiful women who are kicking, clawing and fighting back against the “C” word… refusing to give in or give up hope. They refuse to take what cancer offers. They refuse to be told by cancer what they will or will not do, or how long they will or will not live.

Elaine and Carol are sisters. Both are active members in their church and community. Both are Christians. And both received a diagnosis of cancer —  two weeks apart.

And Cancer waited, unafraid, sure that the sisters would acquiesce —-

But the sisters put on their boxing gloves… and came out swinging.

 These two lovely ladies answer to a higher power than cancer. They answer to, and trust in, the Highest Power of all.

Please take a few minutes to read Elaine’s story and journal over on her Caring Bridge site. Maybe you are going through something similar, or know someone else who is. Maybe you just need encouragement.


You will need to create a free caring bridge login – but it’s worth it. Be blessed, my friends!

*Side note: I met these women b/c I saw Elaine and there was a warm, peaceful beauty about her. I just had to take her picture. I asked permission, she gave it – and then learned about her story. Every picture has a story – I’m so glad I learned this one!*


13 thoughts on “The “C” word

  1. Thank you for sharing our story! We want to encourage those coming along behind
    us who may be facing this storm in their life. We want to say that THERE IS HOPE!
    We’ve found that the greatest source of encouragement, love, and hope is in our
    precious Savior, Jesus Christ. HE IS ONLY A PRAYER AWAY!
    Carol Kyker/Elaine Emmert


  2. Cancer took my mother, but you know what? She was at peace happy to go to her eternal rest. She was looking forward to seeing her father and her oldest son, and many other dearly beloved. She died too young, and I still miss her after 25 years, but her journey on earth was finished. I think God will have said, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” As much as I love my life here, this is what we all long for … to be with Jesus and all the Saints.

    God bless you.


    1. My sweet Vijaya,

      I can’t imagine what it must have been like losing your mama. *hugs* I am so glad she had the “peace that passes all understanding” and knew where she was going! The world holds much pain for us, and the Lord knows when it is time for us to come home. It is still hard for those of us left behind, isn’t it?

      More hugs, my friend. Thank you for sharing your mama’s story, too!


  3. Donna,
    Thanks for sharing this story of hope, love, and determination. I’m glad you got the story as well as the picture.

    Linda A.


  4. Thanks, Donna, for this reminder that we are ALL fragile human beings, subject to the same diseases. BUT — we Christians have a HOPE that is greater than that ugly “C” word.

    Hope in Christ.
    Hope in eternal life.
    Hope in His purposes for our lives here.

    Bless you all!


  5. Love the image of the sisters putting on their boxing gloves and coming out swinging. Amazing. I pray my loved ones and I will have the strength to do the same when something big and scary like cancer comes our way.


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