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More pictures

Hi y’all! These are some of my more recent pics. If you want to critique them, feel free. I’ve got tough skin. If you like it, I’d love for you to tell me why. If you don’t, I’d love to know that, too!

Edited: after such great feedback, I’ve deleted a few and added a few. The three added are some I submitted for my class assignments. Thanks so much for all your critiques and comments. You folks rock!

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15 thoughts on “More pictures

  1. Donna,

    You have so many talents. I loved these photographs. I can’t critique them but I can definitely admire them. You must have a superb teacher and you’re one fine student. Keep at it.

    Linda A.


  2. I really liked the picture of the girl jumping — captures the sheer happiness (even if you asked her to do this when she didn’t feel like it) quite well. Besides, if you were grumpy, you simply cannot stay grumpy if you jump and hop and skip.

    I did not care for the doctored pictures or the pictures of the buildings. I like the nature and people shots the best. The one of the woman in the hat is very nice.

    Good job, Donna. You are very talented. I’m sure you know that NF is easier to sell with high quality supporting photos. It also pays better than the writing.


  3. One more thing: There are several “strange” pics in here. Two are of a gravestone. I didn’t put that in here to be morbid. It was a beautiful day and I went out looking for things to take pics of. I saw the small stone engraved, “GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN” and realized it was in front of one of my hubby’s family stones. I thought, “WOW.” I tried to get a neat shot of it so as not to seem all weird. Eh, maybe it worked, maybe not.

    Also, the shot of the “Jungle” with three different versions? The first is the original, and it’s more of a “Humans live here” kind of place. THe next version is Very green. So, its more of a fairies, elves and woodland creatures live here”. And the third shot of that same pic and it made the sun look more like a hole in the ground/dirt wall. It has made my writer’s mind start to wander and see what needs to be written!

    Linda: thank you! My teacher is really more of my hubby. My online teacher grades my stuff, but I’m really getting most of my feedback from my family, you wonderful folks and the wonderful photography community on google+.

    Joyce – thank you! I’m not usually a fan of buildings and such, but I actually like that one, too!

    Christy – thank you! I’m learning. It’s a fun process!

    Vijaya – Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback more than you know! My hubby is not a fan of editing pics much, either. The pic of my jumping dd is one of my faves, too! And the lady in the hat is my oldest. She is such a sweetheart and turned this way and that for me to get that pic. I’m glad you liked it! Ooooh – I would love to get paid for some NF pics. That would make me and my pocket book VERY happy. I’ll have to check into that more.

    Elaine: HI! I’m so glad you stopped by! I have been thinking of you and hope you are feeling stronger and stronger each day! I hope to make it up towards Boone and TN area before long. I want more mountain pics!


  4. So many talents!
    My favorites are the portraits. Look so artsy. I also like the one of your dd jumping. You did a great job of freezing the action at just the righ point.

    I LOVE the tombstone photos. Their not weird or creepy. They are respectful and bitter-sweet to me.

    Im not a fan of “city street” photos.

    I don’t like the doctored photos either. The blue roses seem totally artificial to me. And the “jungle” photos seem to be stretching too hard for a specific effect.

    I love sky photos. Yours show marvelous contrast in colors.

    How’s that for feedback from a nonprofessional photo bug?



    1. Jean – I soooo appreciate your feedback! The blue roses are def fake and also the 2 “jungle” pics. LOL! I have them in other colors, too. It was an exercise in learning how to use the saturation and hue tools. Too much fun! But you and Vijaya are right in that they are totally shopped. I might post the original red roses another day. They were pretty!

      I’m glad you liked the tombstone photos. Those are the first I’ve ever taken of graveyard. I like the black and white better, but my hubby liked the colored one. I wasn’t sure the sky photos worked. Thank you for letting me know they did!

      I happen to know YOU are a fantastic photographer. So your feedback means much, much to me!


  5. You are a talented lady! I enjoy photography also. I really liked the sun shining
    through the forest with the redbuds in the foreground. The pics of the
    sky were also a favorite.


  6. I liked the black and whites and the kids. (the slippery one is funny!) The graveyard is poignant in b&W. The little girl in B&W (is that one of your daughters?) was also nice. Liked the petals too. Yes, you are a woman of many talents. OH, the Gem theater was not a favorite. Next up for Donna: some illustrated poetry???


  7. Hi Carol! Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. I’m glad someone “got” the slippery one. I thought it was funny, too! 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of buildings, either, so I understand about the GEM pic. I have to say, though, that I love the color of buildings at night. It’s so different than the day!

    Illustrated poetry? That sounds interesting and maybe… just maybe…


  8. Donna, wonderful photos. I always love pics of the sun shining through the trees (or clouds, etc). Amazing how black and white is perfect for certain photos. I like the tombstone in b&w. And great photo of the girl jumping. Way to go!


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