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If you are tired of my pictures…

You might not want to read any further. 🙂 Here are a few more.

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10 thoughts on “If you are tired of my pictures…

  1. I love your pictures. Keep them coming. I think you have a great eye and I hope you keep right on developing your gift. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda A.


    1. Thank you, Vijaya! And you know, that is exactly what I think it looks like. LOL! She had been posing for me, and got tired of it. So – she started making little funny faces and just being herself. This was one of my fave pics of the short session!


  2. I loved these pix. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the effects you used to get the snare drum in color and the rest of the photo in B&W. This is an excellent way to draw our attention to what is important. Well done. Keep them coming. I hope you are enjoying your class.



    1. Hi y’all!

      Jean – Thank you, my friend! (and Yes, I think it’s a word. Maybe. 🙂 )

      Joy – Learning to use the effects in photoshop and Topaz is so much fun! Thank you for your encouragement!

      Carol – HI! Thank you for coming by. I hope you are having fantastic fall days where you are!

      Carol – Thank you! You are kind of right about the dog! It was at a Blessing of the animals at our church. The pastor put her hand on his snout and prayed for him. He closed his eyes. It was precious!


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