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Portrait of joy


9 thoughts on “Portrait of joy

  1. What a beautiful quote, Vijaya! My dd above is so in love with God. She sings about Him all the time. She prays and talks about “deep” stuff that sometimes makes me have to really take a step back and ponder. I am so blessed!


  2. Joy, a character in my latest book is named Joy for that specific reason 🙂 She IS Joy.
    Donna, I’ve thought about this word a lot — I pick names very carefully. So sweet that your daughter is in love with Jesus. I was like that too as a child. Wanted to be a nun actually … but you know how the story went.


  3. Ooooh! I can’t wait to read it!
    I pick names carefully, too. I try to make sure the name fits the character. Sounds like you’ve got a wonderful character in your story!

    As for your desire to be a nun… you ended up in just the right place! 🙂


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