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Another from Hinson Lake


14 thoughts on “Another from Hinson Lake

  1. Hi Messymarriage! Yes, I cropped the photo and used Topaz labs and adobe photoshop to give it the “painted” look. The colors were already there, but I loved the look that came when I used the editing tools.

    Thank you, Carol! I appreciate it!


  2. Donna,
    You are so talented! This photo jumps out at me like a gorgeous book jacket. I hope you’re creating a portfolio. Have you considered submitting to magazines or applying to a newspaper as a photographer, etc? Thanks so much for sharing.
    Linda A.


  3. Thank you, Linda! I appreciate your encouragement very much. I have considered submitting – but don’t know how to go about it yet. I am really hoping I can eventually sell some. Sooner than later would be nice! 🙂


  4. Hi Cheryl! Thank you! the header pic is from Hinson Lake, too. It’s not a huge area – but it is beautiful. If you are ever in Rockingham NC, check it out!


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