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Royalty Rising

The video below is from the Royalty Rising Women’s Retreat I attended this weekend. It was WOW! The song you’ll hear was written specifically for this weekend and sung by Tribe of Judah. I know most of you couldn’t be there with me, but maybe this will give you a taste of the sweet, sweet atmosphere and Love of God that was present all weekend!




7 thoughts on “Royalty Rising

  1. So Donna you do not Facebook, I see. I do not Twitter. It is funny how most people are one or the other. It was good to get to know you this past weekend. Somehow someone linked to your video so that I was able to see it on FB. Your pictures are really good, and SO timely in posting them, or at least in my receiving the link. God bless you. Have a very, very happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Margaret! Welcome to my blog!

    You’re right, no FB for me. I do post pics to my hubby’s account sometimes, but twitter and G+ are my two “hangouts” online. I used to have an FB account, but deleted it about two years ago.

    I think Pastor J posted it on FB. You can share it on yours if you want to. SPread the joy! 🙂

    It was wonderful meeting you this weekend… what a blessing! I hope you have a fab Thanksgiving, too!


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