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Artist in Training

For all you artsy-ish folks reading this, I am sharing some artwork from my artsy-ish teen dd. She is continuing to grow in her gift and I’m proud of her. So without further ado, I’m sharing two of her latest creations. One is a pic of a character from Criminal Minds. The other is an adorable pic of an owl in a tree. (If you want the pics bigger, just click on them.)

If you get a chance, let her know what you like about them. If you have any critiques, she said she would love for you to share those, too.



16 thoughts on “Artist in Training

    1. Donna, the picture of the owl makes me think she could have a future as a children’s book illustrator. It is colorful and eye-catching.


  1. I love the way the owl’s head is tilted ever so slightly, so that the moon and the owl seem to be facing each other, kind of indirectly, without their eyes meeting.

    And I recognize that woman from Criminal Minds. That is my daughter’s favorite show!


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