writing for children

Young Writers

I believe in encouraging young writers to do just that… WRITE!

My mama did that for me.

A few years ago, she showed me a poem I wrote for her when I was around 6. (or was it 7? Maybe 8? Mom, I know you’re reading this, so let me know the right age and I’ll fix it!) Anyway… I digress.

The point is, my mom took great joy in my early attempts  at writing – and now I’m doing the same with my children.

And in order to carry on the family tradition, but in a more “techy” way, I am sharing a poem written by 9yo dd. It is one of those silly, funny, funky poems that make me laugh. And just like my mom, I take great joy in knowing my darling daughter wrote it.  (I’m proud of you, sweetie!)


This is my favorite, flexible food

I can put anything in it

No matter what my taste or mood

It’s ready… lickity split!

      Peanuts, plums, squish ‘em together

      Mixed with lemon and lime

      Add ostrich eggs, stir with a feather

      With just a pinch of thyme

Add in some ice cream covered in cheese

Some cucumbers tossed with mold

Throw in ranch dressing, I beg you please,

but no onions! They’re really too bold.



36 thoughts on “Young Writers

  1. I’m with you! I wouldn’t eat her Taco varieties, either. But it was so much fun sitting with her while she came up with them. We searched rhymezone.com for words to rhyme with the words she wanted to use. She was being all sorts of funny and creative. I love that girl!


  2. What a fun poem. I especially loved the ending! Go Zee! I can imagine a whole collection of your food poems on the book store shelf. Keep them coming. Keep encouraging her, Donna. She’s terrific!

    Linda A.


  3. Great poem. Love “Squish ’em together.” My daughters are with the poet on the onions. I even offered $25 to anyone who would start eating onions. No takers.


  4. Dear Donna and Zee,
    I enjoyed reading the poem! It was fun and made me laugh. I love how the family tradition of encouraging your child with writing and other gifts they might have. I know you encourage other gifts, too, because I’ve seen you in action, Donna. You are very loving and encouraging of all you meet on your path!

    Have a fun day celebrating your wonderful Mother, Daughter relationship!


  5. If I liked tacos before this—I have now changed mymind!!! Only a brillant Mind, like Zoe, could come up with this. I just love her little mind and the way that Donna teaches them. Very special ladies and let’s not leave outKaiti and Casey. Love you all.


  6. I just checked and Highlights doesn’t pay writers younger than sixteen. But they may publish it all the same. It’s a great poem. There are markets for younger writers. I guess you probably know about them. This poem is wonderful. Really witty.


    1. Hi Sally! Thanks so much for the encouraging words! I’ll share your comments with my dd. It will make her day! 🙂 They do have a kids page with original artwork and poetry (non-paying), so she will probably do that. Thank you, again!


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