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Encouraging others

In my last post, I shared a poem written by my middle DD. I also shared how my mom encouraged me in my writing endeavors from a young age.

I believe that the Lord used my mom to help me get to where I am today. And He is STILL using her!

I want to be that type of encourager with all the young writers in my life, not just my own.

Every year, I take my oldest DD with me when I go to the Write2ignite conference. She attends the Teen Track while I’m busy working and enjoying the Adult workshops.  And every year, I tell other folks about it.

This year, the fabulous Vonda Skelton will be leading the TEEN TRACK along with graphic artist/cartoonist and writer, Chris Schweizer.

If you are interested in encouraging your young writer to grow in their skills, consider the TEEN TRACK at the Write2Ignite conference, March 16-17th. You can register HERE.


8 thoughts on “Encouraging others

  1. Oh pooh, here was another senior moment. Since my eyesight is rough on me my mind just jumps in there and “reads” fir me. I go back and enlarge the announcement to see it reads North GREENVILLE not North CAROLINA as my liimited mental resources had jumped ahead to mislead me.
    I think there may be a parable in there.
    I leave it to you young ones to tell. I will do as I have been told: retire and pray..
    ❤ 😀


    1. Hi Margaret! I wish you would come! My daughter attends the teen track and I am helping out with the adult part of the writing conference. Good stuff! If you decide to come, let me know. I’ll be looking for you!


  2. My mother was always telling me to be quiet, or telling me to quit using my logic-schmogic on her. LOL. And I’m pretty much turning into my mother.
    Just do as I say … Because I say so …

    Very cool that you bring your daughter for the Teen Track.


    1. Logic-shmogic? LOVE IT! My kids have their own “logic” that I’m pretty sure they invented just to make my mind go into 5th gear and spin it’s wheels! 🙂

      She loves the teen track. Matter of fact, she has been bugging since we left the last conference. NOT kidding. On the way home I heard, “So… when is next year’s conference?” 🙂


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