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My Experiment

I have been stuck in a bit of a creative funk lately.

I am a writer – but haven’t had enough time to really dig in to my manuscripts. And when I have, I got stuck.

I love photography, but haven’t had as much time as I’d like to take good pictures. The ones I’ve taken didn’t come out as I’d hoped.

I love playing guitar, but nothing sounds good to my ears. I can’t seem to get a good “feel” for the songs and they all sound out of tune.


I tried something new!

I am NOT an artist by nature. But I confess that I have prayed (on more than one occasion) that God would give me that ability. My daughters draw and color with abandon – so I decided to follow their example!

As you can see… It is isn’t perfect or fit for the Louvre. But wow – it made me happy and was pure fun!

My oldest DD colored it in and made it even better.

And guess what? It made me want to draw more. And color! And paint! And…




Creativity begets creativity – doesn’t it?

God gave us the gift of creativity… and that gift manifests in many ways! Singing, writing, painting, baking, building, photography, dancing…and the list goes on!

So if you are stuck in a funk with the gift you KNOW of – how about giving yourself permission to try something new? You might find that you have a hidden gift.

So what are you waiting for? I want to hear all about it!


18 thoughts on “My Experiment

  1. Donna,
    Perhaps you got out of your funk because you gave yourself just what you needed–the gift of time. How wonderful that you enjoyed yourself while trying something new. Thanks for sharing with us! Is the swan your symbol of beauty and creativity?


    1. I think Swans are beautiful. I saw a few a couple years ago up at Lake Junaluska. They were so big! I couldn’t figure out how they could still be so graceful when they moved. But you know? Dreams are big, too. And God has plenty of grace to give us to move into those big dreams we have, too!


  2. I hear you when you talk ‘funk’! That old nuisance has been a particular plague of mine for more years than I like to count. Doing something out of the box– like your sweet painting–is the way to go. Don’t despair… actually, these funky days do some good. Eventually you’ll come out of it and be full of energy!


  3. Donna, I find that too … your swan is quite pretty and I like that you and your daughters collaborate. My kids also draw with me. I should add they are better at it than I am, but I sure do enjoy my doodling. I find that playing the piano gets me out of that funk you speak of.


  4. What a great idea, Donna! I would never have thought of trying a brand new creative outlet. I might have tried some fun activity or getting out in nature — I love how just living life can spark creativity as well. Blessings on all your creative efforts! 🙂


  5. I needed to read this…I’ve been a bit funked myself lately.

    But I spent some time with a few budding writers the other day and my batteries seem to be un-funking now.

    Creativity begets creativity. You are sooooo right!



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