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The Icky Places of Parenthood

It is 1:30 am and I am watching TV with my 14yo.

This is not a fun sleepover.

I am not a bad mother.

And she is not a happy camper.

At all.

The reason we are up? The tummy bug that hit others in our family last week suddenly hit her this morning. And then.. it has hit her tonight.

And when it first hit her, I was there beside her in the bathroom.

Then a sympathetic wave of nausea rolled over me and I yelled for my hubby. He was already at the door before I finished calling his name. He came in and I scurried out before he had two messes to clean up.

I rushed back with a glass of water and a wet cloth. Then hurried out again. Then back again… but with my mouth and nose covered to help keep another sympathetic wave from rushing over me.


I repeat…I am NOT a bad mother. I just have a very sensitive gag reflex.

I love her. She loves me. And obviously, my hubby loves us both!

It was soooo nice to know my hubby was there to step in and take care of both of us. To know that we could rely on him to take care of the ickiness of the evening. Our daughter’s tummy bug + my weak stomach could have equaled a very icky place. And he was willing to clean up the mess.

Isn’t that the way it is with God on a much larger scale? He loves us in the middle of our icky places. And He is there for us, even before we finish calling out to Him.

He sends us help in the middle of sticky, icky places. Jesus came in the middle of our world’s ickiness… but didn’t turn away. He didn’t stop loving. He didn’t stop saving. And He hasn’t stopped!

Today, no matter what you are going through, may your icky places be filled with the presence of the Comforter and healed by the touch of the Great Physician. And may you KNOW that Jesus is there, even before you finish calling His name.


12 thoughts on “The Icky Places of Parenthood

  1. Hi Donna,
    I hope all are well soon. Good of your hubby to come to the rescue. Wow! We’ve all known moments when someone was there for us in our icky places. Thank goodness Jesus is always listening out and responding to our needs too! Isn’t it great to be loved to be loved that much?


  2. Hi Sweetheart!
    First of all, let me say, AMEN! What a beautiful comparison! I am so thankful He knows and answers…even before we call! I pray His healing for the whole household, and Donna….. you’re a GREAT mama and I love you!!


  3. I sympathize, Donna. I have thrown up while cleaning up the children’s messes. My husband almost always is there to help, thank heavens. Hope you will all feel better soon. Eat some yogurt, colonize your tummy with good bugs.


  4. Hope your daughter is feeling better. That nasty bug ran through our house this week as well. It hit my hubby first, then my daughter, and then me. Second daughter nearly coated herself in antibacterial and refused to touch anything we had touched. She remains healthy 😉


  5. Not sharing projectile stories, because it’s the last thing you need until yours has definitely settled. Just sympathy and empathy and wishes for your last message from today^ to be true from now on.


  6. Soooo sorry, Donna.

    My daughter, a nurse and mommy of 3, has a sensitive gag reflex also. Here’s a trick she learned in the hospital. Keep Vick’s (or some other brand) vapo-rub handy. Just put a little under your nose (above your lip) and it will completely mask the odors that make you gag.

    And I must extend your metaphor…Jesus is a balm – a medicine – to soothe and comfort, and to help us through those icky places. Thanks.



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