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Today I have the sweet pleasure of posting a poem written by my 8yo and 9 yo. They collaborated and have been working on this all day. I’m just the publisher!


Pancake Tortoise

By Zee and Cee

I have a Pancake Tortoise

                I have him as a pet

I have a Pancake Tortoise

                I caught him in a net


I have a Pancake Tortoise

                He likes to bike and dance

I have a Pancake Tortoise

                He won the Tor-toise-France


I have Pancake Tortoise

                Today he’s feeling blue

I have a Pancake Tortoise

                I think he’s got the flu


I have a Pancake Tortoise

                He’s in the zoo quartet

I have a Pancake Tortoise

                He plays the clarinet


I have a Pancake Tortoise

                He made this poem fun

I have a Pancake Tortoise

                 He says this poem is done



For more info on the Pancake Tortoise, here are a few links:





14 thoughts on “GUEST POETS!

  1. Donna,

    What fun! I’m hoping more Pancake Tortoise poems will follow. Perhaps one about a day at the Tor-toise-France or a day with the Pancake Tortoise on a bike–move over Curious George. Who knows?

    Thanks for sharing girls. Keep writing!


  2. Boy, that would make a cute picture book. I can see it. I’m not sure what a pancake tortoise looks like. Might I suggest they try to draw the character. I love it. My grandkids are always making up stories. That’s where all my kid’s books come from – spending time with kids! It’s the best assignment God has ever given me.


  3. On behalf of my cutie-patooties, I thank you all! I will let them read the comments tomorrow. I know they’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

    I’m so glad y’all “got” the joke about tor-toise-France. My hubby is a cyclist and this line made him laugh b/c we’ve been watching the Tour-de-France for the last few years!


  4. You all are the best. Thank you for all your sweet words. YOu make them feel great!

    I spent the day with the sweet poets helping them get their room clean. That was soooo much less fun than it sounds like. Really.


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