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Mount Washmore

If you’ve known me for more than 5 years, then you know that I’m a “FLYBABY” whose wings have been clipped. The Flylady herself would probably beat me with one of the wet noodles from my spaghetti dinner tonight. And then she’d execute my dust bunnies, one by one.

Let me be clear – this is NOT a Flylady bashing session. Far from it. This is just another late night confessional. So sit back and enjoy.

Fact 1: I love the Flylady system and her guilt-free approach.

Fact 2: I’ve failed at it miserably the last few years. And feel guilty.

Fact 3: The Flylady says to just jump in where we are. I’d be glad to. But a horde of Little dust-Bunny FuFu eyes are staring at me from under the furniture, daring me to make a move. 


As previously stated, there is a possibility that we are going to move at some point in the future. (That was somewhat, kind of vague, wasn’t it?) And I would love a clean slate and more room to store the things that seem to be growing at an exponential rate, even as I type this.

More space. Clean slate. New wings and no wet noodle beatings. Yes. That would be nice. Yes, indeed.

What does YOUR week look like? How do you keep housework on an even keel with homeschooling, working, childcare, dust-bunny wrangling or whatever your life entails? 



10 thoughts on “Mount Washmore

  1. Those ‘dust- bunny Fufus’ are just bluffing! Don’t let them intimidate you! Stand your ground, corral them and put them outside the camp before it’s too lateb ’cause everybody knows how fast bunnies multiply! 🙂
    Love you Sweetheart!


  2. I’m afraid I tend to clean in spurts – right before guests arrive. Which means I spent all of yesterday, cleaning, organizing, dusting. And I will go back to it today. Most days I just can’t be bothered but honestly when I do have a cleaning day it feels almost as creative as writing. And it also declutters my mind for writing too. I went to sleep last night feeling so satisfied with myself for all I’d accomplished. I actually had trouble stopping to go to bed.

    So anyway – no strategy here. But having clutter cleared does free my brain up for writing.

    Hope you can enjoy the same!


    1. You and I have the same routine! 😉 Emergency cleaning to the rescue! I know what you mean about the feeling you have when it is all done. I aways feel tired but satisfied and very much at peace.


  3. I am so with you on this. If we had more space, it would be easier to put things away and clean, but I’m trying to get rid of things to have more room in the space we have. I wish someone would invent a cleaning and laundry system where you could do it just once and it would be done forever, and if you needed extra space, all you’d have to do is blink and it would be there (reality obviously not needed in my vision).


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