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A week to go and Write2ignite is here. I am blown away that it is this close!

If you are going to Write2ignite, please let me know so I can be on the lookout for you!

And if you haven’t yet registered, you need to hurry b/c registration ends this week. Get thee to the Write2ignite site and sign up!


Come on


3 thoughts on “WOW.

  1. Donna,

    Thank you for the info you gave me at Write2Ignite when we chatted about Blue Mountain Arts. (Helpful input)
    I also was excited at the thought that my grand-daughter might be able to illustrate the story I wrote. I would appreciate the name of the publisher you mentioned that might be able to do that. Thanks!

    Big thanks to you and to everyone else that made the Write2Ignite an exceptional conference to have attended. It was packed with benefit.



    1. HI! I am so glad the BMA info was helpful! I am not sure which publisher you are referring to concerning the illos, b/c I thought we just chatted about poetry? I am glad to ask around and see if I can find out that info for you.
      It was sooo nice talking to you! I look forward to hearing good things about your work!


      1. I found the publisher. Samantha had told me about http://www.lulu.com. I had jotted so much info down in my notebook that I mistakingly mentally added it to our conversation.

        I appreciated how you helped me to understand the process I can expect with BMA. I have anticipation to get into the process and plan to start first in revising the our grand-daughter’s rhyme into more prose style.

        Well, we are leaving our daughter’s home today so it is a “Good bye morning”.

        Blessings to your day Donna. Thank you for your note.


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