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Blaming it on the dog…

You know that awkward moment when you smell something bad…and you KNOW it wasn’t you? Yeah. That moment. When you know the odor that is wafting around the room did NOT originate with you, but you have no idea who it does belong to?

Unfortunately, our dog has been on the receiving end of the blame more times than not. (Pun perfectly appropriate here.)

She has, of course, been the offending party at times. But most of the time, she has accusing fingers pointing in her direction — when they should be pointing back at the accuser.

And in those moments, our poor little doggie has become a scapegoat.

It’s like that with our attitudes sometimes.

We blame everyone (and everything) for our bad attitudes…except for the one person who has control over our lips, facial expressions and thought processes.

So who is responsible for the stinky stuff we share with others?

Not our neighbor.

Not our parents or kids.

And certainly not the smelly little pooch curled up on the couch, licking her (or his!) front paws.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my sweet little mutt deserves an apology…and maybe some doggie gas-x.

As for me? I need some time in the presence of the Utimate Attitude Adjuster

How ’bout you?


19 thoughts on “Blaming it on the dog…

  1. On the funny side, your Grandma Welch used to blame her “smelly slips” on my dog Sandy and then she would sneak him a snack to make up for it when she thought we weren’t looking. On the serious side, aren’t we blessed that our God is patient and forgiving.


  2. We didn’t name her Boo-Boo for nuthin! You should really compile all of these short helpers into a small book. This stuff would be great on a coffee table or in a doctor’s office.


  3. Isn’t that why we have dogs? One of our kittens used to let out the deadliest silent ones, while you were petting her …

    Yup, in our family the talk about the plank and the splinter are common. The kids also give each other rejection letters. LOL.


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