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Riding Against the Wind

Sean at the Charlotte Motor Speedway July 11, 2012

Tonight, Sean had his 4th time trial at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was clear skies, mostly, until the first riders pulled up the start line. The skies filled up with clouds… then the wind kicked in. Hard.

Sean did great, but his time was a little slower than his last trial… but it was still good. Really good!

I am so proud of him. However, he has been beating himself up the whole night because he wasn’t as fast as last time.

He is highly competitive… even when he is only competing against himself.

But I am here to say that I am sooooo proud of him!

He is doing something this year in his cycling that he has NEVER done. He is riding with a cycling group and even attacked Morrow Mountain a few weeks ago! He is burning up the road at least 3 times a week on his bike, covering well over 50 miles a week. He is teaching our family how to be better riders and encouraging our beautiful daughters to step outside of their comfort zones.

And yet… he is still beating himself up because he was a little slower during this time trial!

I think we all do this.

We beat ourselves up when we feel like we’ve failed… even when we’ve done the very best we could.

We beat ourselves up because we judge ourselves as failures… and are sure others are doing the same.

We beat ourselves up because we can’t seem to forgive ourselves for not being perfect.

Well… we aren’t perfect.

Not one of us.

But we are loved.

And we are loved more than we can imagine.

And I, for one, am so thankful that the Love that engulfs us is NOT dependent on how well we perform in the race of life.

I am so thankful for God’s all encompassing love, especially when I’m riding against the wind.

And I am so thankful for God’s Grace that doesn’t wait for me to get everything right before He reaches out to save me.

How about you?


18 thoughts on “Riding Against the Wind

  1. That’s a lovely blog. Sean has and probably always will be, his biggest competition. Seeking perfection is one thing we all need to practice, but for us simple humans, unfortunatetly, none of us are likely to make that goal on this earth. Doing your best, and I’m sure Sean did, is the best we can hope to achieve.

    You’re such a good wife. Love you.


  2. Thanks for sharing this one, Donna. We are hard on ourselves. Sean will eventually beat his trial time. He’s dedicated and determined. Would he consider riding for a cause–for someone who can’t or ride for a cure? This puts the focus outside himself. I’m sure you’ll speak with the man upstairs about it. He may be being groomed for more than a ride.


  3. This post really spoke to me this morning!
    Tell Sean that he has accomplished so much since he began this journey of bike riding. He is so good at it but the one thing I am so proud of is teaching his family bike riding skills and all of you riding together! Your children will never forget these times! I’m so glad he is in our lives and I’m so proud of him!
    I love you both!


  4. I get how Sean feels being super-competitive myself, but that spirit will lead him to new heights and humbleness. Perfection? What’s that? Only God is perfect. Every time we sing the Gloria, I am reminded of it: Tu solus sanctus, Tu solus Dominus, Tu solus altissimus.


  5. Today’s blog has really touched me . Earlier in my life I messed up so many things trying to be perfect. It was such an uplifting and life changing moment when God finally got me to see what you have so elequently stated. I am so proud of Sean. May he be proud of what he achieves each and every time, always trying to do his best and always accepting that at that time it was his best. I am so glad that God has blessed you and the girls with such a loving, husband and father who not only loves you but God as well.


  6. Lovely post. Glad I stumbled by via Poetry for Kids Joy…and glad I too, didn’t have to wait to be perfect!
    Sounds like you and Sean are wonderful help for each other!


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