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One of those moments…

Ever had one of those moments when you thought, “THIS is the perfect teaching opportunity?”

Yep. Me, too. Today I had an opportunity to show off my nature science skills in one of those “perfect” teaching moments.

My kids and I were with our walking group (which also included our pastor and his sweet dog) and I pointed out the prints in the mud to my kiddos.

“Hey! What are these footprints? Does anyone know?”

They stopped and looked closely at the crescent shaped prints, but no one answered.

Secure in my knowledge, but not wanting to seem like a know it all, I said, “Can you tell what they are?”

Still, no answer.

“Maybe deer? See in the mud here?” I pointed at several sections. Then wondered, for a fleeting moment, why the crescent shaped prints were so close together.

“Yes,” I announced. “Deer prints.”

Happy that my children were now a little more in the know, I started walking again.

Then, after another full 10 seconds of basking in the joy of my “moment”, my almost 15-year-old said, with a hint of sarcasm… and very loudly, “Those are cleat prints, Mom.”


About five minutes later, we passed by a nature information station that showed different animal prints.

Our pastor (who is absolutely wonderful and makes us all laugh) spoke. “I think we need to add the cleat prints to that list.”

Well played, Cec. Well played. 🙂


Go ahead. Laugh. You know it’s funny.

I made a snap judgment and was sure I had analyzed the situation with full knowledge.

I was wrong.

And my pride got a kick in the pants.

I can still admit it’s funny. Really, really funny.

Have you ever had part of the information, but thought you saw the whole picture? Did you make a snap judgment?

When was the last time you thought you were right, but realized too late that you had NO clue about the real deal? When was the last time you thought you had the answers… but you got schooled instead?

(You’ve already read mine… time to ‘fess up! It can’t be any worse than mine!)



17 thoughts on “One of those moments…

  1. Donna,
    Oh, I wish you had a picture to show us. I know what deer prints look like, we used to get them in the sandy creek banks by our house in NC. But, I have no idea what the cleat prints look like. Why would someone be wearing cleats in sandy soil? I’ve only seen the holes cleats make in grass.
    Your pastor was right, they do need a picture with the identification chart–then I’d know what to look for next time. 🙂


  2. Love this post! I’ll let you know if I remember a time I was wrong. Insert BIG chuckle here!! Oh my. The list could go on and on. Have a great day, my sweet friend!


  3. Too funny! My kids teach me on a regular basis … particularly things like patience, fortitude. Gah. I don’t want to learn these lessons. They also correct me on stuff I thought I knew.


  4. Ha, ha 🙂 My kids still make fun of me for misreading and mispronouncing a word (since my business is words!) in a game we played years ago. They’ll never let me live that one down 🙂


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