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Why my Mama hasn’t been posting…



holly3Let me introduce myself…

My name is Holly (formerly known as Eileen) and I am one of the cutest reasons Mama (aka, Donna) hasn’t been blogging. You see, she and all the other funny people in my house adopted me right after Thanksgiving. From what I can understand, they had another dog before me. Her name must have been Boo-Boo because they accidentally call me that all the time.

They tell me how much they love me and how pretty I am. But then they also tell me how slobbery, smelly and stubborn I can be.

I’m a package deal, folks.

Anyway, they’ve been spending an awful lot of time trying to get me to sit, come, stay and all that jazz. Eh, I reckon I’ll throw ’em a bone listen today. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Mom needs to get back to blogging a little so I better sneak her computer back where she had it.

But I better wipe the drool off the keyboards first…




9 thoughts on “Why my Mama hasn’t been posting…

  1. Adorable, Donna. What a lucky dog to have you for a moma. I bet you didn’t even yell about the drool on your keyboard. Great pix you have a photographic model in the making.


  2. I would like to tell Mama about your sweet notes, but then she’d know I was on her computer… again. The drool still isn’t quite dry from the first time.
    Wait… um… I hear footsteps…

    *struggle…slobber…more slobber…*

    Mama here. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog. I am pretty sure Holly appreciates your words as much as she does her favorite bone. As for me? I appreciate your sweet words as much as I appreciate a take-out chinese meal. Trust me… that’s a lot of appreciating.

    You will probably see many, many posts about Miss Holly. I am hoping the posts are minus the drool… but I can’t ever guarantee that sort of thing. 🙂


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