writing for children

Today’s lesson… from my children

So I stopped to get us a bite to eat for a late lunch and I heard some concern from the kiddos:

9yo: So did you mean to just order that?
10yo: Yeah, I mean, they don’t know what you really need if you don’t tell them the right amount.
Me: Yes. I meant to order that.
9yo: So you only ordered two cheese sticks?
Me: No.
10yo: But you said two cheesesticks.

*deep breath — and pull up to the window, pay for order and hand out food*

9yo: OH! Do we get to split this box of cheese sticks? We get 2 each?
Me: YES.
10yo: OH! I see!

*another deep sigh*

Me: See… If you would stop worrying and let me do my thing… you just might get a blessing!


God: *whispers to my heart* Did you hear that? Deep down in your heart?
Me: What? If I’d stop worrying… and…?? Ohhhhh… I see what you just did there. *feeling sheepish*

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