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Okay, peeps. I need to get fit. I need to lose weight for my health. This is NOT one of those, “I have to lose three pounds” problems. PUHLEEZE. I have real weight to lose. Around 90 pounds. That’s right, people… I said it. 90 pounds. It will NOT come off over night b/c I didn’t gain it over night.

I am posting my workouts to keep me honest. If I don’t post them, then it makes it easier to let them slip away — and before you know it — I’m not working out.

And I need/want to know that others of you need to get in shape and lose weight, too! We are in this together!

So — who is with me? If you are working out once a week – great! Share! If you are working out several times a week… share that, too. We all need encouragement!

If you have lost weight, share. We want to celebrate with you! If you are in a funk and need advice about how to jump start your journey – share that, too. I know there are tons of wonderful folks who would love to share their wisdom about this subject!

Again… Who is with me?


8 thoughts on “SUMMER OF FITNESS

  1. I’m there! What I do so far that is working. Hubby and I walk 3 – 4 days a week for about 45 minutes.I have a treadmill with a shelf for my laptop and often walk while writing. (about 1 1/2 mile per hour)

    In addition I’ve made lasting changes to my diet over the last 15 months. Moved away from breads and white potatoes to brown rice and other whole grains. Switched to unsweetened almond milk. Cut back on the fattening cheeses that I love! I never bake sweets so that is not a temptation unless I’m at a family meal that lingers at the table.

    I’ve also been making water kefir drinks. Can chat more about that or guest blog if you want.) I also indulge in salad ingredients that I ADORE and this often takes away the need for salad dressing. EX: Goat cheese, mango, grapes, coconut flakes, and avocados, a squeeze of lemon juice) Wet ingredients or great soft cheeses seem to eliminate the need for salad dressing. But, here’s the surprise – my liquid fish oil (Barleans with orange flavor) is so good I can squeeze it onto my salad too.

    Another big thing I’m doing is “fasting” 3 days a week. This is not literally fasting but intentionally cutting back on calories so my digestive system can rest. On those days I eat fruit and maybe a little peanut butter with it for breakfast, 3 – 4 cups of meat broth (often enhanced with onions and other veggies) for lunch and then I eat a small meal at dinner time. No chocolate those days. I almost enjoy this discipline and got a new spurt of weight loss after starting it. It’s all coming off slowly but I feel good about that because my eating mentality has changed.

    I try to never get miserable for lack of food. If I need energy to mow grass and it’s a fasting day, I allow myself to have an apple with peanut butter before going to work. Or something else. There are no rules. Just guidelines.

    All the best to you, Donna! You can do it.


  2. That is fantastic!! I am so proud of you! !

    I have joined the Y, swimming and working out in the gym. I am also trying to get in at least 1 day of walking a week, but prefer 2.

    The eating part? That’s the rub for me. I don’t eat tons and tons of food and I love salads. But I def love meat and potatoes! I have to remind myself that it is not about deprivation, but rather about moderation. I can still have what I like – but not every day and NOT a huge portion. I need to remember that my body processes food a lot slower than I put in it.

    With that in mind, I like the idea of cutting back a few times a week to allow my body to rest and digest what is still in it. Very cool, Joyce. Thank you for that spark! I am going to figure out how to put it into practice. Perhaps on my rest days from the gym? That might work out great!


  3. GOod for you for going public on this, Donna. If you want to read a GREAT YA book (based on her own experience of losing weight), read Skinny by Donna Cooner. I plan to blog about it, but haven’t yet. Really well written and inspiring.


  4. I will check it out! Sounds fabulous!!
    I am actually looking for books to read from that perspective b/c I am writing a freeverse YA right now called Jiggle. Yes, about that very thing. I would love to see how others handle that subject.


  5. I’m with you too, though my summer of fitness is starting in July! Ok– I’ll call it the mid-summer/fall/winter of fitness. 🙂 Thanks for sharing you’re nutrition tips, Joyce!!!!


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