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Cleaning out the Attic

I have been working on the “junk in my trunk” for almost a month now. I am down a few pounds and have to keep going because I have many more pounds to go.

I am on a hiatus from soda for three months and I am watching my portions (most days).

So what else am I adding to this plate? 

Cleaning out the crap that is in my “attic”.

Ya know… my mind!

My three girls and I are starting a book study called Battlefield of the Mind (for adults), Battlefield of the Mind for teens and Battlefield of the Mind for Kids.

I looked through the kid book and am so impressed with how it is laid out – and how it explains about thoughts and their roles in how we view ourselves, others and the world around us.

I will be honest and admit that I am not usually a fan of hearing Joyce Meyer speak, but I do enjoy reading her books. They are full of wisdom and direct me back to the Bible for in depth study. I am looking forward to this study. If anyone would like to borrow my book when I am finished, let me know.



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