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For Anyone Concerned About Homeschooling in NC

I have had several conversations lately about the state of homeschooling in our lovely state of NC. And as a homeschooling mom, I am more than glad to discuss this issue with anyone who asks. Here are a few things to help answer any questions in case more folks want to know:

1. I homeschool because I feel like I am supposed to do so for my children. It is NOT for everyone.

2. I am NOT against public school. I was a public school kid myself. There are wonderful teachers there. Many of them go to my church.

3. I am not against private school. I cannot afford it, but I’m not against it.

4. As a homeschooler, I am required by LAW to register with the state of NC (NCDNPE) and also keep records on file at my home every year.
I have to keep attendance.
I have to show proof of shots (unless I’ve chosen a “no vaccinations” way, but that’s another story. I am PRO-vaccinations for my own children).
I have to give a standardized test at the end of each year and keep those tests on file for a year in case the government wants to see them.

5. I am not required by law to report to the public school system during the year at all. I am under the authority of the NCDNPE (North Carolina Department of NON-PUBLIC Education). I do, however, choose to keep myself accountable by surrounding myself with other homeschooling families. We have co-op, get togethers, study sessions, etc… all geared toward making sure our children are doing the best they can and getting what they need for their educational needs (social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional needs.)

6. They interact on a daily and weekly basis with different people — from all walks of life. Public schooled, homeschooled, private schooled, preschool students, adults, college age students… yeah. They do. Just ask.

7. I am not a perfect mama. I am not a perfect teacher. They are not perfect daughters. They are not perfect students. But none of that would change if they were in a public or private school. It is a truth of life.

8. There are homeschooling parents who do NOT follow the rules of NC. And they usually get caught. But some fall through the cracks. But again, that is a reality of all school systems. There are children in public schools who fall through the cracks, too. It is a horror of life… and one that I wish was not a reality for any child. But as I said, it happens in all the different types of school. Sad – but true.

9. I love homeschooling. I loved public school. I love my children. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and love of learning with them on a daily basis.

10. If you ever want to talk to me about homeschooling, I am glad to. If I get passionate about it, understand that this is a huge part of my life. And if you sound or act judgmental about this huge part of my life, I might even sound a wee bit upset. I’m just being honest. But I will do my best to share my life and homeschool info with you — if you will be willing to listen and know that most homeschoolers are following the law AND doing a good job of it.

I am doing, as are most other homeschoolers, what is required by NC law AND BEYOND. I support those around me — regardless of public, private or homeschool status. I have received great encouragement and support from most folks who know we homeschool. I hope to continue to receive that level of support as I continue to give it to them.

Thanks for letting me rant. I have to go. I have three homeschoolers who are raiding the fridge.


8 thoughts on “For Anyone Concerned About Homeschooling in NC

  1. Donna,
    Such passion! Such drive! Such lucky children! You’re definitely on a mission and you should feel very good about it. Thanks for sharing your take on homeschooling and general information about its accountability piece.


  2. Thanks for sharing! We are now in our 18th year of homeschooling in NC and still loving it! While there are many misconceptions about homeschooling (especially the old socialization thing), I think that today there are fewer misconceptions by the general public than there used to be. Homeschooling is going mainstream! When we first started and would go out to the park or store during the day, we’d often be questioned as to why the kids weren’t in school. I’d say it’s been about 10 years now since we’ve had anyone question us while we were out during a school day. I remember our relatives expressing concern early on and we tried to honestly and sincerely answer their questions. They had our kids’ best interests at heart and so did we; they deserved thoughtful answers. I always thought to myself, “The proof is in the pudding.” Once our two oldest graduated from college (one with a 4.0, triple majoring in engineering) they didn’t ask anymore questions! BUT, the high academic standards were not the main reason we chose to home school. We chose homeschooling because we thought it was the best way we knew to teach them what God tells us to teach them.


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