writing for children


Like a tsunami,

fear can wash away our life…

unless we rise up

I believe fear can come in many forms… and sometimes it comes in the forms of “bad thoughts” or nightmares. We don’t always know we are afraid of something until it invades our thoughts. How many times have we wanted to do something, but then backed off because of fear? How many arguments have started because we are afraid of what “might” be happening or what “could” happen? How many times has FEAR kept us from sharing our lives, our resources and our joy with others?

I believe that many of our daily battles can be traced back to fear. There could be many definitions, but I do think these can be applied. I am not suggesting that fear is the root of all things… but it is the root much of the time for many people.

Greed: the fear that we won’t have enough for ourselves if we share what we have

Hoarding: the fear that we won’t have enough…EVER

Feeling left out: The fear that we are alone in the moment… or always

Frustration: Fear of not being understood, fear of not getting something right

Anger: Fear of being wrong, fear of being misunderstood, fear of never being acknowledged as being RIGHT

Procrastination: Fear of failing, Fear of not liking something, Fear of succeeding (yes,
I said it! You know it’s true!)

Relational jealousy: the fear that the person we love will love someone else or the fear of missing out on love

Jealousy (general): fear that we don’t measure up to someone else, fear that someone else has an advantage over us

I’m a mama… so my kids tell me all about their nightmares and fears. Many of them are at night, but some are fears that attack them during the day. The fear of not being understood – the fear of not being able to do something “perfectly”… so they don’t want to do it all – the fear of not being smart enough – the fear of failing — the fear of people dying.

The fear of … fill in the blank!

The girls and I talk about fighting the fear with TRUTH. Because the truth will set us free… unlocking us from the paralyzing chains of fear.

As adults, we don’t always have the gumption or desire to admit that we are afraid. But until we can admit it… it’s really hard to fight those fears with truth.

And though I’ve never really thought of myself as a “fearful” person, I read those definitions above and it’s obvious that I, too, face fear, but don’t always recognize it for what it is. Do you?

Casey wanted me to share this verse and the following song: John 10:10 New International Version (NIV)
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

So FEAR NOT… we are children of the King! — It’s good news for all of us to remember.


6 thoughts on “SOME THOUGHTS ON FEAR

  1. Thanks Donna and Casey. Fear can paralyze. When I feel it rising within me, I have learned to say, “Fear, I will not let you steal my joy!” I just realized that I refer to theft, just like in the example Casey chose. Wow! How about that?


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