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First World Problems

I have to say, these last three months have not been easy. I had to drink water, milk and other stuff besides my beloved soft drinks.

What a serious “first world” problem. Right?

And until I started writing this post, I was really proud of myself for giving up the soft drinks for three whole months. I mean really… it was huge for me!

I wanted Mountain Dew when we celebrated my daughters’ birthdays, cold coke on my anniversary and a tall, glass- bottle of Pepsi with my summer meals. But I held out. I didn’t give in. I was STRONG!

And yesterday, my 3 month challenge/break from soft drinks was over. I had the freedom to drink a 16 oz Pepsi with my lunch.

It was NOT as cold as I’d hoped. And it was in a plastic bottle. But it was still tasty.  I finished the 16 oz.

Later, I drank some Coca-Cola. It was really cold… but far more syrupy than I had anticipated. And I didn’t finish it.

For supper last night, I bought a Sparkling Ice (the Pink Grapefruit variety). It has been one of my choices for the last three months. Cool, refreshing, bubbly… and not a cola.

And even after drinking the Pepsi and some of the coke yesterday, I can honestly say that I did not have a desire to go buy a 12 pack of either. (I don’t even have a desire to drink a cola of any variety today.)

Really… I was soooo proud of me!

But something shifted when I started writing this post.

I have had folks ask me WHY I wanted to give it up for 3 months. I said it was for ME. No one else. I had to see if I could do it.  Me. Me. Me.

In the overall scheme of the universe, this challenge was miniscule. I applauded myself for giving up three months of a sugary drink that I didn’t need in the first place. I was so proud of myself for proving I could do it. Sounds pretty shallow when it’s put on paper. I am not putting myself down for accomplishing something I set out to do… but the more I type, the more shallow it sounds.

There are people dying in other countries because of their faith. People being sold into slavery — many here in NC. Entire populations of people dying of hunger and lack of WATER. So this… this three-month challenge to myself was just that… a challenge and a choice. And every time I drank water (sparking or tap), I was reminded that I actually have a CHOICE in what I drink. A choice in what I do. A choice in when and if I have a drink of cola, milk, water, or whatever… I have a CHOICE. Let me say it again…


And because of the last three months, I am highly aware that others do not have that same blessing. They are unable to choose where to lay their heads. Unable to feed their children. Unable to choose clean water – because it is NOT available.

My sister, some folks from my church and ( (and others from our community) are working together on the “Can you Dig It” 5K. It will be a 5K walk/run to raise money for digging wells in places that do not have access to clean water. We will need participants. We will need volunteers. We will need sponsors.

We all have choices to make, so if you are interested in choosing to work with us on this project in any capacity (participant, volunteer or sponsor), please let me know in the comments below or in an email. I’ll be posting more and more info as it becomes available.

Thanks for making the choice to read this post and hang with it to the end. I appreciate you all!


9 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. Great goal! Right now, I’m pretty much committed to care-giving, but I *will* spread the word–and the blog. Don’t you just love how putting black marks down on paper lets us see our thoughts and know them, sometimes for the very first time? Yeah.


  2. Donna, I DO understand. I recently did the same thing with drinks. I trought the artificial sugar was impeding my diet. I thought it wasn’t good for my kidneys. I thought the caffeine wasn’t Healthy. So I started drinking club soda and when I went back to have a diet Dr Pepper, it just didn’t taste as good. I’m so glad that I switched.

    Digging wells for water sounds like a great idea. Please keep me posted on this project.


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  3. Hi, Donna!

    Nice to see you again at the SCBWI conference this year!

    What a great challenge for yourself. If I lived closer, I would definitely participate in the 5k as a runner. Will this be the first year ever for the racing event? Have you read the true story in a pb about Ryan from Canada who raised enough money to build a well in Africa? It’s awesome. My son, who is 9, is so impressed by Ryan’s actions and motivations.

    Would you be willing and able to answer a few interview questions for my blog feature, High Five? I’d need the answers by Friday the 4th around 8pm at the latest. I can e-mail the questions to you in a Word.docx attachment. Just let me know.

    Also, how do you go about becoming a speaker for a breakout session at SCBWI? I’m interested in doing that for probably 2015 (*maybe* 2014). You can e-mail me at wildbike @ netzero . com. Thanks!!!


  4. I am so proud of you, Donna! Definitely let us know the details of your 5k run/walk when you get it planned. I would love to participate in some capacity!


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