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Mortimer Minute

mortimer-final-1024x783Joy Acey, the Princess of Poetry, tagged me for this week’s Mortimer Minute! Quick… go check out her blog… HERE!
And when you get back, you can check out my answers to the Mortimer Minute three-question hop!


Mo’: What is one of your favorite funny poems you’ve ever written?

Me: Hmmm… a poem about the pitfalls of Valentine’s Day.

Mo’: Do you like carrots? And do you have any to share?

Me: That is two questions. And no to the first one… and the second. But here is a poem about carrots so you don’t have to feel so rejected…

Carrots are nasty

Carrots are orange

Carrots are crunchy

Carrots are… wait a minute. I’ve rhymed myself into a corner.

Sorry dude — I can’t even give you a poem about carrots. That bites, doesn’t it?

Mo’: Which poem do you wish you’d written?

Me: Hug O’War by Shel Silverstein and… My Brother is NOT a Werewolf by Kenn Nesbitt

And… that’s all folks! The Mortimer Minute is over!  But you can tune into other blogs next week for more interviews with Mortimer! I am passing this along to Brenda Sturgis. I hope she’ll have a chance to do a little Q&A with Mo’!



These are the rules for Mortimer’s blog tour, (thanks Renee  and Joy I copied from you both!)

Here’s how to hoppity hop “Mortimer Minute” style!


  • Answer 3 questions. Pick one question from the previous Hopper. Add two of your own. Keep it short, please! This is a Blog Hop, not a Blog Long Jump. This is The Mortimer Minute—not The Mortimer Millennium!
  • Invite friends. Invite 1-2 bloggers who love children’s poetry to follow you. They can be writers, teachers, librarians, or just plain old poetry lovers.
  • Say thank you. In your own post, link to The Previous Hopper. Then keep The Mortimer Minute going — let us know who your Hoppers are and when they plan to post their own Mortimer Minute.

– See more at: http://www.nowaterriver.com/poetry-friday-the-mortimer-minute-childrens-poetry-blog-hop/#sthash.vx5llQuS.dpuf

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