writing for children

Work in progress…

So – I am still working on my free-verse novel, Jiggle. And for anyone interested, this is the synopsis so far… big thanks to Laura Louise Renegar for helping me get it just right..

When eighteen-year-old Eliza joins the weight-loss program at the Y, she does it because her doctor and grandma say she should. But her heart isn’t in it until her best friend is diagnosed with leukemia and Eliza’s too-high BMI keeps her from being able to donate bone marrow. Now she is hustling to help—even if it means working out with an old-friend that wants to be more than friends or falling head over wheels for an Irish cyclist who steals her breath faster than a pair of spandex shorts. But Eliza soon discovers that life is much like the inclines and speed-bumps of a bicycle ride…and her heart is racing without a helmet.


8 thoughts on “Work in progress…

    1. Thank you sooo much for your kind words! I have wanted to write one for the last 6 years or so. I love free verse. It makes me happy to read free verse. And it’s making me just as happy to write it. 🙂


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