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Making Space During Lent Physically — Through Fasting

Some great words and thoughts to ponder during this Lenten Season. Thank you for this, @Jan Brittain!

Bible 365

Text: Matthew 6:16-18

The season of Lent – that 40 days of preparation and penitence leading to Easter– has begun. In Matthew 6, Jesus himself taught about the practices that have become the traditional disciplines of this season. In the previous blog entry, we considered what he said there about prayer. Today, let’s take a look at the practice of fasting. It is worth noting that Jesus uses the word “when” rather than “if” in referring to all three practices. Jesus assumes that the faithful will pray, fast and give. His teaching concerns how we do those things. When we fast —( and no matter how we have come to interpret it through the years, no doubt, Jesus was referring to giving up food in some way) — we make space in our physical beings. We feel the space by feeling the hunger. That space enables us to pause and…

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One thought on “Making Space During Lent Physically — Through Fasting

  1. Donna,
    I admire people who fast. I never thought of the message as a “when” message before. Thanks for pointing that out. I did give up cake, cookies, and candy for a long period of time when my husband had chemo years ago. We did eat ice cream though. It was our only “sweet.” This was to help him eat more healthy and I did it with him. I have considered doing that again. Lent would be a good time to do it. Thanks for this message. Good luck with your fasting.


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