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Long time…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m terrible at blogging. Obviously.

I’ve been focusing on my health again. I’ve started walking at least a mile a day (day 7 today!) and have been upping my intake of daily water (cut out all soft drinks, day 6!).

I’m also in waiting mode for a lot of writing related things.

What’s going on with y’all?


8 thoughts on “Long time…

  1. Donna,
    Good to see a post from you! We’re all in the waiting mode for something, even if it’s our turn in the grocery aisle. My husband is on the lung transplant list and we are waiting. Hope to be called very soon!


  2. Oh great! I reread your post and realized you said “walking” not “jogging”. So I changed the last sentence but failed to delete the jogging sentence. I should probably go for a walk. Or hydrate my brain.


  3. Hi! Me, too. Waiting, that is. And walking on a treadmill. Amen to Linda – we are always waiting for something, aren’t we? I think that’s because this life is not all there is. Those of us who know Christ are waiting with expectation for that great Hope we have for eternity. So, nothing in this life is final to us. We are always waiting for the next thing.



  4. Donna, May the Lord heal you! I have been recuperating after my foot surgery and preparing for another surgery after being in the hospital with neufritis (sp). I am so sorry you have health issues. My emails have been hacked so much I don’t go to yahoo any more. It’s good to walk and one day I will again. Blessings!


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