writing for children

19 years and counting…

Sean and I are two different people.
We knew that going in.
And you know what? It’s okay.

Matter of fact, it’s more than okay.

He likes NASCAR (last name, duh). But me? I don’t watch it.
I believe Sasquatches exist. Sean thinks I’m a little loony for thinking that.
He likes tea. I think it tastes like dirty bath water… and that he needs new tastebuds.
I like walking/jogging. He likes cycling.
He likes lots of olives on his subs. I like a few olives on my subs.
(Okay, maybe that last one is kind of similar. Woohoo!)

There are days that he and I argue. Usually over stupid stuff.
There are days I’m right. And a few days that he is. (bwahahahahahah!)
We tease each other about our graying hairs. .
And when we play poker together, I win… mostly.

And by God’s grace, we are still here… 19 years later!
We’re wading in the deep end, raising our three beautiful girls together.
And some days our parenting styles clash, other days we are in perfect sync.

But through it all?

We love each other…
And we are growing together.

We love each other…
Even when we’ve messed up – or got it right.

We love each other…
God’s working on us both.

We love each other…
and that is something to celebrate!

He’s my Pookie Bear.
I’m his Punum Bear.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love you, Sean Earnhardt!! Happy Anniversary!


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