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Creativity begets Creativity

I am learning to crochet things like hats, scarves and amigurumi. Yes, amigurumi. This is a Japanese word for crocheted or knitted stuffed toy. They are sooo adorable! I am not fluent in that type of crocheting yet, but I do want to be one day. I think those little boogers are adorable! Here are a few examples from around the web:


Aren’t they precious??

This cuteness overload has inspired me to make my own. I can’t post what I’ve made yet, because they are for Christmas presents. But – I’ve been doing an awful lot of crocheting. And that has led to some good “thinking” time about my other creative outlets. I start imagining what kind of non-yarn-ish gifts I can make for my friends and family while creating this fun projects. Then, my mind turns to my stories. And then my messy house (no, it’s not a fun project, but a project, nonetheless.

I also brainstorm about how to organize my house in the most efficient manner in order to get all of my crafty stuff in here. My hubby has taken over the dining room with his hobby (bikes), so that’s out of the question. But I COULD clean out the hall closet and use it for what it’s supposed to be used.

Then I think about ways to make my life more time efficient. And I brainstorm about calendars, weight loss and exercise. (I tend to brainstorm a lot… have you noticed? 🙂 )

I find that all the creative time I spend crocheting actually helps me with my other creative endeavors. Well, all except for the clean house part.

What are you creative outlets?


8 thoughts on “Creativity begets Creativity

  1. Have you seen the crocheted tea sets? Adorable. I won one once but didn’t really know what to do with it so I donated to a fundraiser auction.

    I tend to be creative by moving furniture and other decor items around. And gardening. But my big project this year has been to paint my deck and all my lawn furniture in some vivid colors. I am determined to have color in my backyard during the gray days of winter.

    Regarding organization – not sure if this is helpful or not but I am thinking I might buy this book for right brained people. It’s about business but I think organization must surely figure in there.

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  2. I want to make the animals! You’ll have to show me how….gotta show me how to crochet first.😜
    Love you soooo much!😊❤️❤️😊❤️❤️

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  3. Donna, amigurumi are so adorable! I could never make them. The best I can crochet is a small lap blanket:) I like to quilt when my hands let me or I make wreaths. I do find that my writing brain always seems to work better after doing crafts like that 🙂

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