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January is here — and I’m loving it!

It’s strange. From October to December, there seems to be very little time to do much other than marvel at how fast time flies. I do as much as I can to get done what needs to be done. I love that time of year, even the hustle and bustle of it all.

But from January to February 14, time slows down and gives me a chance to breathe in the air. And it’s not just regular air… it’s a new year’s supply of air. It’s like super-oxygen and I feel like a superhero!

heroic thoughtsI have a new year with bright beginnings. New chances to make things right.

I have a new school semester. Chances for fresh adventures and new subjects to explore.

I know that January is “just another month”. But there is something special about it for me. I like January. It feels clean. Like a notebook that has yet to be written in, but with lots and lots of white space.

Creation. I am part of it. You are part of it. We are all part of it. And… we are all called to be creative in some form or another!

So this January is my month to start fresh, to start creating again. I’ve already been working on several projects and hope to have some done in the next two months.

What are you working on? What have you been called to create?


3 thoughts on “January is here — and I’m loving it!

  1. Donna,
    Called to create! I love it. I’m feeling called to organize so I can create. I’m writing a memoir of my experiences as a caregiver. Over the weekend, I attempted to write the opening chapter/scene and found I was confused over some details. I have notes on calendars, in notebooks, on loose paper. Time to pull it together in an more organized fashion so I can write without stumbling over the details. I want to type it up in sequential order. I’ve also been straightening some drawers and sorting things to give to charity. A little at a time!

    Here’s to creativity! Keep that energy flowing!

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