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Saturday in Verse

Today I start a new weekend series post, Saturday in Verse. As the title implies, every Saturday (ish) I will post an original poem. So here is my first offering –

As a writing exercise, I used Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends” to form my poem, “Darkness Cannot Reign”. It is not a perfect replica of Silverstein’s rhythm or rhyme scheme, but I enjoyed being able to use it as a foundation for creating a new poem.

Darkness Cannot Reign

by Donna Earnhardt

There is a time when the daylight wanes
And before the night profanes
it’s then the sky glows blue and pink
while sun and moon rejoice in sync,
Then we watch as the stars dance to and fro –
for darkness cannot reign.

Let us all take a breath – and pray for the world
who moans under shadow’s chain
Let us pray for a time where peace overflows
for even in pain – creation still knows…
when we love as we are loved– perfect love overthrows
and darkness cannot reign.

For even in pain – creation still knows
When we love as we are loved- perfect love overthrows —
For Yahweh is King – and his Son, from death arose…
and darkness cannot reign.

9 thoughts on “Saturday in Verse

  1. Lovely and such an uplifting message for my early morning read. Thanks, Donna. Enjoy your Saturday morning sharings! I look forward to more. Do you follow Laura Purdie Salas’ blog? She has created a poetry form of 15 words or less and another called Bookalikes. They might be forms you’d like to try also.

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  2. Donna, you continue to amaze me! What a talented lady you are. Blessings to you and your sweet family.


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