writing for children

The Choice

by Donna Earnhardt (12/6/2018)


The moment I choose to worry,

A tiny weed appears.

Then burrowing in my soul’s garden–

it chains me to my fears.

And worry, with talon-like fingers,

rips through my peace and joys.

It strangles my thoughts to silence my song–

Drowns hope in its chaotic noise.




The moment I choose to trust Him,

my King the Eternal High Priest,

untangles my thoughts, restores my heart-song,

and a small seed of faith is released!

God’s perfect love wields perfect power…

His perfect Love casts out all fear –

Now worry no longer can chain me

for LOVE – God Himself — has come here!


photo courtesy of Shiftingart Photography (http://shiftingart.com/)


8 thoughts on “The Choice

  1. Nice to hear your voice in the blogosphere, Donna. No question that your poetry and sentiment and beliefs are right no target!


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