writing for children

To the Naysayers

My beautiful babies amaze me. They are all smart, intelligent, and creative young ladies, intent on chasing their dreams and using the gifts God has given them.

My mama and daddy always told my sister and me that we could do anything we set our minds to. They told us that God had given us gifts to use — and we needed to use them or lose them! They taught us not to listen to the naysayers… the people who shout, “You can’t do that!” and the negative Nellie’s who whisper, “That’s not possible.”

The poem below is meant to remind my daughters of the TRUTH of scripture that declares… “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!”

My daughters are children of the King, the Lord Almighty. His Holy Spirit lives, breathes, and moves in them! They are loved beyond all measure and were created to do GREAT things. This poem is to remind them to remember these truths — no matter what other people and voices try to speak over them.

Huge thanks to my mom and dad for always teaching us who we are in Christ… and reminding us to NEVER give up.

*** *** ***

To the Naysayers
by Donna Earnhardt

Don’t tell me what a girl should do
or try to force your point of view
on me because I don’t know you
and frankly, you don’t have a clue-
you don’t know who
you’re talking to.
Don’t tell me what a girl should do.

Don’t tell me what my dreams should be.
They fill my idea-galaxy
with worlds of creativity-
so keep your negativity
a universe away from me.
Don’t tell me what my dreams should be.

Don’t underestimate my mind.
I’m different, yes, but still designed
the same as YOU – but not confined
to tired tropes that
make you blind
Don’t underestimate my mind.

Casey jumping

I am, indeed, a wunderkind–
Don’t underestimate my mind.
And just because you cannot see,
Don’t tell me what my dreams should be
I’m bigger than your narrow view…
Don’t tell me what a girl can do!

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