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The Good, the Aggravated, and the Sheltered….

Shelter in place. It’s what we’ve been told to do. And for the most part, it’s been going okay.

But last night, I got aggravated because my teens and hubby were hogging the remote. And yeah… I complained a bit. I don’t usually care, but for whatever reason, it bothered me. It was just one of those “moments”.

We all have moments like that – and sometimes those moments can feel much bigger than they usually would, especially during this weird time we are all going through.

Then this morning, I remembered that Sean had smashed a house centipede crawling toward my side of the bed yesterday morning that I’m certain had targeted me for extermination.

And today, he set up my new hammock while I ran an essential errand. I had tried and tried to hang the hammock yesterday afternoon, but couldn’t seem to make it work right. Sean got it set up in a matter of minutes.

Let’s be real — If I wasn’t already smitten with him, I would be now.

The girls have been getting along (mostly) and finding that being “still” isn’t a bad thing. They are working through the grief of missing out on things they’ve been looking forward to for years – and doing their best to find the joy in the every day things. (Some days are better than others!) Zoe and Casey continue to have Bible Study with their youth group via online meetings and also online game days. And many days are spent in their hammocks…just hanging out together. That makes this mama’s heart happy!

I’m thankful for Zoom, FB messenger, text, and for the ability to watch Acorn TV and Britbox 🙂 I am thankful for telephones that allow me to talk to my loved ones every day – several times a day!

And I am super, super, SUPER thankful that we are together and safe with a roof over out heads, food in the pantry, and that all of us are healthy.

There are days that none of us are easy to live with and get aggravated about the small things– but we get past them. They aren’t worth lingering on because we have been given another day — another opportunity, to do life together.

God is good – all the time. And in moments like these, He shows us love in big and small ways…through the arms and hands of the folks around us. And that is what I want to remember, long after our “shelter in place” orders are lifted.

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