About Donna and Sean

Donna and Sean got hitched right after college. And the adventures haven’t stopped!

Donna’s first picture book, BEING FRANK (Flashlight Press) was published in October 2012. She has also been published in Highlights for Children, Blue Mountains Arts, the SCBWI Bulletin, RX for Children, and other mags for writers of kidlit.  Donna serves on the staff for Write2ignite.

She juggles housework, home schooling their three daughters, and writing. She is currently knee-deep in revisions and dirty clothes.

Sean has worked for EuropaSports for over 10 years. He is a bass player for Walking the Horizon and has been since their first practice almost 6 years ago. Sean is a weekend warrior, attacking such projects as hiking, woodworking, writing poetry and coaching soccer. Sean is also an avid cyclist and a member of C4. Check them out here: http://www.centralcarolinacycling.com/