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Some days, I long for QUIET. If you know me personally, you might find that hard to believe as I tend to talk more than Oprah, Tyra and Dr. Phil put together.

However odd it may sound…it’s true.

There are days when I don’t even want to talk. I’m not upset. I’m not depressed. I just like the sound of silence. I like to turn off the radio, tv, video games and even the computer and just sit and listen. It’s amazing.

A few months ago, our entire block had a power outage.  It was after 9pm and the power wasn’t back on until well after 3am. There was complete silence (except for the sound of my hubby and children snoring).  I listened to the crickets singing, the frogs calling and all the other nighttime music I seem to miss most other evenings.   IM000232

I wonder what would happen if we shut off all our electronic equipment for just a few hours a day? I’m not suggesting we deliberately cause food to spoil by turning off the fridge. (That’s crazy talk, anyway…I have cheesecake in there!) But I am suggesting a time of unplugging from the electronic and virtual world and plugging INTO the beautiful world around us.

Even if you can’t bring yourself to unplug everything in the house, how about just unplugging yourself for a day or two? Don’t check your email, twitter, myspace or facebook account. Go silent for a while and just breathe.

(and when you get back from your “breather”, check out this article. Then go breathe some more! 🙂

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Stalagmites, stalactites and Bears…oh my!


Rejuvenated and

And what, you ask, did I do on this fabulous vacation?

Explored, examined and altogether enjoyed:

A visit to Cades Cove (more on that later)
Spotting a Mama Bear and cub (out in the wild!)
standing half a foot from sleeping bats (hanging out in an old church)
avoiding snakes (too close for comfort – ugh!)
spying Deer (everywhere!)
Touring Tuckaleechee Caverns and learning the difference between stalagmites, stalactites and chandeliers(more on that later, too)
Swimming in a cold, clear, mountain stream in Townsend
hiking up to a small, but beautiful, waterfall behind the Sugarland Welcome center
visiting the Cherokee Museum (broke my heart. seriously)

So….what didn’t I do on this fabulous vacation?

blog or
“do” email (okay, I did “do” email…my hubby took HIS computers. But I only read and/or responded to 10 of the 500 emails in my inbox. the rest I marked “as read”. I did NOT want to come home to that!)

We had a wonderful time. I had a chance to just “be”. (more on that later, too, I’m sure!)

Oh yeah — and we went to a place called WonderWorks. Wow. It wasn’t exactly “out in nature” like our other adventures…but it rocked, nonetheless. We need one here!!!

I’m ready to write — but my priorities are now in order (you guessed it, more on that later, too)

What did I bring back from this trip besides a deeper longing for cabin nestled in the woods?

A reminder that every good gift is a gift from the Lord.
And He has given us the gift of life.
Soooo…. I better Live life like I mean it!

Are you living life like YOU mean it?? If not – what are you waiting for?