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Publishing: Riding the Kindle wave?

Nathan Bransford shares his thoughts on the Amanda Hocking success story and other stories like hers. (You can find HER thoughts on the whole thing HERE.)

Give it a read and come back and share your thoughts, please! I’m curious to know what you take away from his post.

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Writing conference and the flu

The conference and the flu have absolutely NOTHING to do with one another. One thing at a time…

image0015Writing Conference:

I have the blessing of being on the Write2Ignite conference team this year. I’m the website/blog admin and it has been a fun experience for me as well as a learning one! If you are interested in attending our conference in February, please check out our website Write2Ignite and our blog Fire It Up!

On our website you’ll find registration, scholarship and conference presenter information (and much more!).  I hope you’ll check out our site and leave us a note on the blog (Fire It Up).


AND now for the FLU portion:


Donna's phone 032
appropriate expression for how they feel right now!

I mentioned yesterday that my two of my kiddos have both had fevers for the last few days. They’ve also had sore throats, congestion, fatigue and are feeling rotten.

The Nurse Practicioner checked the younger for strep and noted that the middle one has a sinus infection, but did NOT check either for the flu even though they had flu-like symptoms (especially the younger). I appreciated her reasoning. She said if it IS the flu, there is nothing to do but wait it out and treat the symptoms, keeping them comfortable.

As of right now, my youngest is snuggled up in bed watching cartoons and the oldest is working on her schoolwork (we homeschool) while coughing and developing a sore throat. The middle one is still coughing, stuffy and sickly — but no fever as of this moment.

Can I just say, that as much as I love Autumn and Winter, I despise the sickness that sometimes accompanies it?

*sigh* And now I must go to the store for more Motrin. I actually ran out.

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Clerihew contest, anyone?

A few posts ago, I blogged about Cinquains. I invited folks to post their own in the comments section. Did anyone do it? Nope. (but I did have some sweet and encouraging comments posted. Thanks, Sean, Tee and Jean!)

But today’s post might prompt you to action! Have you ever heard of a clerihew? If you don’t know how to write one, Kenn Nesbitt gives a great description and instructions here.  One note: the clerihew’s uneven and sometimes unnatural rhythm  is part of the charm. My first feeble attempt at a clerihew…

a clerihew

is hard to chew

the rhythm is off

making poets sputter, stutter and cough


Ouch. that hurts! the rhythm is bugging me! ARRRGGHH!

Anyway…after you’ve ready my attempts, post your own in the comment section. I will pick a winner. Yes, I get to pick it ’cause it’s my blog. 🙂

And the winner receives…um…the notoriety of being the winner of the blog contest?  Okay, okay – I’ll have a prize. But I’ll post the prize when I post the winner.

Let’s go over the rules again:

1. Follow the link above to and read Kenn Nesbitt’s instructions on how to write a clerihew.

2. Read my feeble attempts.

3. Write your own clerihew and post them (you can post up to 3) in the comment section.

4. Check back for the winner one week from today.

5. Prompt me to pick a winner if I haven’t done so by a week from today.


Alrighty…here we go!


Feeble attempt #2:George_Washington

Remember Ol’ George Washington?

As president, he’s number one.

He found his calling in the midst of his adventures.

But I often wonder…did he ever lose his dentures?

Please proceed! 🙂 (and remember – this is a family friendly blog!)

WAIT! I’ve got one more:



So he shoved a rose

Up his nose.

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Stalagmites, stalactites and Bears…oh my!


Rejuvenated and

And what, you ask, did I do on this fabulous vacation?

Explored, examined and altogether enjoyed:

A visit to Cades Cove (more on that later)
Spotting a Mama Bear and cub (out in the wild!)
standing half a foot from sleeping bats (hanging out in an old church)
avoiding snakes (too close for comfort – ugh!)
spying Deer (everywhere!)
Touring Tuckaleechee Caverns and learning the difference between stalagmites, stalactites and chandeliers(more on that later, too)
Swimming in a cold, clear, mountain stream in Townsend
hiking up to a small, but beautiful, waterfall behind the Sugarland Welcome center
visiting the Cherokee Museum (broke my heart. seriously)

So….what didn’t I do on this fabulous vacation?

blog or
“do” email (okay, I did “do” email…my hubby took HIS computers. But I only read and/or responded to 10 of the 500 emails in my inbox. the rest I marked “as read”. I did NOT want to come home to that!)

We had a wonderful time. I had a chance to just “be”. (more on that later, too, I’m sure!)

Oh yeah — and we went to a place called WonderWorks. Wow. It wasn’t exactly “out in nature” like our other adventures…but it rocked, nonetheless. We need one here!!!

I’m ready to write — but my priorities are now in order (you guessed it, more on that later, too)

What did I bring back from this trip besides a deeper longing for cabin nestled in the woods?

A reminder that every good gift is a gift from the Lord.
And He has given us the gift of life.
Soooo…. I better Live life like I mean it!

Are you living life like YOU mean it?? If not – what are you waiting for?

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Vacation time!

Will you miss me next week? The mountains are calling and I’m leaving my computer at home.

No worries, I’ll rejoin the ranks of blogonauts when I return.

I’m going to take some great books with me and try to get in some good reading. But mostly, I’m going to spend some quality time with my kids, hubby and MIL. I’m so excited!

The one thing I’m intentionally NOT going to do? Write. I know. It’s shocking.

When you go on vacation — do you take a vacation from writing?