Opinions… like Squatch Hair

“When there are many words, sin is unavoidable, but the one who controls his lips is wise.” — Proverbs 10:19

Let’s be real…
I have more opinions than I do leg hair.
That’s a lot of opinions — because I’m half-Squatch.
And believe me when I tell you…
I WANT to share my opinion about almost everything that passes through my FB and social feeds: Politics, marriage, child-raising, church, writing, Elvis-sightings… EVERYTHING.
If you read my posts, you will see very quickly that I do share a huge amount of my own navel-gazing posts. And it might look like I share my opinion on everything…
I don’t.
Sometimes I don’t yet know how to express why I feel the way I do, especially on issues that require a more gentle approach than my usual “bull-in-the-china-shop” manner. And until I can express my thoughts with more understanding, I don’t shout it out for the world to see. I’ve been taught to think through things, pray, and be able to explain why I feel the way I do. Sometimes I can… sometimes I’m stuck.
And sometimes…
I just feel God shutting my mouth before I open it and insert my foot.
Unfortunately, there are times I think I should shut my mouth, but let it fly anyway.
The outcome is usually ugly… and hairier than my winterized legs.
So if I don’t weigh in on a particular subject that is close to your heart — it’s not a bad thing. It’s just that I’m choosing to remain silent until I know what I’m talking about… and I have peace about sharing my thoughts.

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry… James 1:19





Shut it

Like Daniel I need protection–

when life is going south.

Lord, save me, like you saved Daniel…

but save me from my OWN mouth! 


If you’ve ever felt like Daniel in the lions’ den, you’re not alone. Most of us have felt that way at some time in our lives. And just as God protected Daniel, He protects us.

But have you ever found yourself acting less like Daniel… and more like the lions? Roaring? Snapping? In an overall catty mood?

Yup. Not gonna lie. Been there, done that, too.

Let me be real… that’s when I need God to SHUT MY MOUTH.
How ’bout you?

Galatians 5:15
If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other. (NIV)

Psalms 141:3
Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth;
keep watch over the door of my lips! (ESV)

Lion at NC ZOO — photo credit: Sean Earnhardt


Because April is National Poetry Month, prepare yourself for an influx of verse on my blog for the next few weeks. I’ve even come up with a nom de plume for my fun poetry.And yes, it’s corny. What did you expect?


Super Pits: A Cautionary Tale

by Steen Kee Mi (I told you it was corny)


April showers  every day.

But sometimes… skips her armpits.

When she forgets, she levels towns —

and decimates her outfits.


Her mama sighs and says,

“My dear, your pits are full of power!

For the love of all that’s good…

use soap suds when you shower!”








Saturday in Verse: First Fruit

My attempt at retelling the first three chapters of Genesis in poetic form.

(It’s also posted over on David Harrison’s Word of the Month blog, along with other poems from other folks.) Without further ado…

First Fruit — The Curse in Verse
by Donna W. Earnhardt (based on GEN 1-3)

Genesis I
first dawn breaking,
mountains quaking,
new life waking –
at God’s feet

Genesis 2
plenty of room
for bride and groom
Earth in bloom
God’s work complete

Chapter 3
snaking, faking,
trouble-making —
half-truths wrapped
in full deceit

death’s temptation
for creation,
knowledge tasted…


Just a reminder…

I’ve been playing around with digital art lately. This is something that invaded my brain this week as I was driving down the road. So I created some artwork to remind me… and anyone else who might be reading this.

child label love

Almost-Saturday in Verse

It’s halfway between Saturdays… so this is either really late or really early. Either way, I hope this poem blesses you, encourages you and challenges you. So here it is…


by Donna Earnhardt

Let’s paint the world outside the lines

deep hues of joy and peace —

Compassionate tones, to break down walls…

and prayers for wars to cease.

Let’s paint the world outside the lines

let mercy flood this place.

Coat it in faith, lather in hope,

bathed in His scandalous grace.

Let’s love our neighbor as ourselves

As God’s command designs —

Let’s make this world a better place…

And paint outside the lines .

Snowmuch fun

From the kid poet in me… to the kid poet in you. 🙂


Southern Snow


Southern snow is still my jam.

Its rhythm? Nice and slow.

Its soft song lulls our world to sleep

and stops our busy flow.


Southern snow has quiet strength.

Three flakes can stop a bus.

It makes our school kids happy and…

administrators cuss.


Southern snow is not afraid

to cause a ballyhoo–

it binds us all together…

Like frozen, crazy-glue!















Saturday in Verse

Today I start a new weekend series post, Saturday in Verse. As the title implies, every Saturday (ish) I will post an original poem. So here is my first offering –

As a writing exercise, I used Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends” to form my poem, “Darkness Cannot Reign”. It is not a perfect replica of Silverstein’s rhythm or rhyme scheme, but I enjoyed being able to use it as a foundation for creating a new poem.

Darkness Cannot Reign

by Donna Earnhardt

There is a time when the daylight wanes
And before the night profanes
it’s then the sky glows blue and pink
while sun and moon rejoice in sync,
Then we watch as the stars dance to and fro –
for darkness cannot reign.

Let us all take a breath – and pray for the world
who moans under shadow’s chain
Let us pray for a time where peace overflows
for even in pain – creation still knows…
when we love as we are loved– perfect love overthrows
and darkness cannot reign.

For even in pain – creation still knows
When we love as we are loved- perfect love overthrows —
For Yahweh is King – and his Son, from death arose…
and darkness cannot reign.