School Visits

Sharing the joy of reading and writing with children is one of the best parts of being an author. And school visits give me the opportunity to not only share my own stories with children but to hear their stories,

When I visit a school, I like to personalize the visit to meet the needs/desires of the librarians and teachers.

My presentations are flexible and I work with each school to add to my basic presentation which involves a reading OR dramatic presentation of Being Frank (class participation is requested from older students and sometimes teachers),  a brief discussion on the publishing process (initial draft of story, revision, submission, more revision, illustrator’s side of the story, etc) and also Q&A.

I love doing in-person school visits! Virtual visits (via skype or Google Hangouts) are also available. Please email me for more details.

Visits (including virtual ones) include bookmarks for all students.

You can contact me here for further information:


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