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Free to Rhyme (or not) Friday

Today is poetry day. I’m so psyched. Poetry is one of my “things”. I’ve written poetry since I was 5 years old. My mom still has one I wrote for her at that age. (I’m telling you, she’s the greatest mom in the world!)

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t claim to always write GREAT poetry. Some of it is good. Some not so much. Good or bad, I enjoy writing it. I enjoy reading it. I enjoy hosting poetry contests and blogs about poetry.  I find joy in writing silly, zany and crazy poetry as well as serious, deep and life changing poetry.  I love the whole process. It’s in my blood and I can’t get it out.

That being said, I think there are four types of people in this world:

  1. Folks who love to read and write poetry.
  2. Folks who say they hate to write poetry, but love to read it.
  3. Folks who say they love to read it and wish they could write it. 
  4. And folks who say they don’t like to read poetry NOR do they like to write it.
I can’t say I’ve met anyone in the last category, but I’m sure they exist. Probably.

Which camp do YOU fall into? Have  I missed a group? Tell me and I’ll add it to my list. (probably) 🙂

If you fall into any of the categories (including number 4), take a step out and have some fun with poetry this week. When you comment, let everyone know which category you fall into. Why not post the comment in poetic form? I think you all know which category I’m in by now, but here goes —


I’m in category one.

I like to rhyme and have some fun.

Freeverse makes me dance and sing.

Poetry is my favorite thing!

At times my poems

are corny and strange,

and end with a weird sentence that doesn’t rhyme with the previous line at all. 

(that hurt me, too…but I’m a big fan of the movie PRIVATE EYES, and if you are too, then you’ll understand!)

There isn’t any prize this week, just the satisfaction of knowing you did a good thing by expanding your horizons. Put yourself out there, it’s a freeing thing!

I don’t care if you think you’re terrible at poetry. Write some anyway. Here is a quote from a poet you may have heard about:

I”ve written some poetry I don’t understand myself.
Carl Sandburg

So what are you waiting on? 🙂

One more thing – check out Jean’s site today as she is featuring a wonderful writer of NF for kids AND a poet, Laura Purdie Salas.


11 thoughts on “Free to Rhyme (or not) Friday

  1. Category one I want to be
    Category three is reality.
    Meter and rhyme trip me up;
    so I prefer free verse.

    Took a poetry course online;
    still can’t feel the beat.

    Tell me true,
    Do threes
    ever become ones?



    1. I’ve read your poetry, V. I think you fall into the first category! 🙂

      And yes, poetry is hard to write. BUT…I think we underestimate ourselves when we assume that all the poetry we write is not well written or can’t be salvaged. We also do ourselves a disfavor when we assume all our poetry is wonderful and needs no revision. Poetry is like any other form of writing…it takes work.

      For instance, my poem is just a zany and obvious (I hope) attempt at making folks laugh. I deliberately made it NOT rhyme in the last line. Did I make it work? Only the reader can decide.


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