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Say It Loud Sunday: Food Glorious Food!

Have you ever been so busy, upset or otherwise engaged that you forgot to eat?

If you measured my hips, you’d be convinced I’ve never experienced that problem.

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But I’m not talking about physical food, y’all. I’m talking about spiritual food.

Sometimes I find that I try to fill up on spiritual fast-food that is easy to access but is lacking in real meat. A spiritual diet, if you will.

Have you ever tried the Bible study method that starts with, “I’m going to let my Bible fall open and read wherever it opens to…”  With this method, the reader usually ends reading just a few verses.

Yep. I call that the “BIBLE-LITE” diet.

Or how about the method that allows you to ask for prayer like this, “Did you hear about Richard and Anna? They’re splittin up. Bless her heart. I hear it’s because he’s been cheating on her. We should really pray for her. And him, too, I reckon. And what about Ol’ Lena? I hear she’s pregnant. Don’t even know who the daddy is. Yep, that poor baby…”

That’s the “Bless-the-heart-to-death” diet. It’s chop full of false sweetness and prideful concern. This type of diet plays havoc on true spiritual understanding. Anyone who uses this method needs to be aware that it is a huge contributor in the loss of humility and love , both of which are needed for growth in the fertile ground of our souls.

And what about the “NO-TIME-FOR-QUIET-DIET”? It starts with an excuse similar to this, “I know I haven’t spent much time just listening to the Lord this week (or anyone for that matter), but I just don’t have time. I have lots to do. I’ll pray before I go to bed tonight.”  But when the head hits the pillow…the prayers give way to snoring.

 I’m sure there other spiritual fad diets out there, I just don’t have time to go over them all. If I could list them, though, I bet I’d have to admit to using many of them at some point in my life!

What about me? I’ve been praying much more lately (lots to pray about!) and eating more chocolate, but I have to admit that I’ve been on the “Bible-lite” diet. It’s been so bad that there have been days I’ve dropped into the “Fasting-from-the-Bible” diet. (I don’t recommend it to anyone.)

And while I need to cut back on the chocolate to make sure my jean size doesn’t increase, I am ready to move up a size in my spiritual britches! It’s time to put my big girl pants back on and gnosh on some real glorious food! (Hebrews 5:11-14). I’ve got some Andrew Murray books to help me stay on track with focused Bible verses and studies and also some online “verse a day” sites that were recommended.

How ’bout you? Have you ever gone through a “spiritual” diet? How did you get back on track?


8 thoughts on “Say It Loud Sunday: Food Glorious Food!

  1. I’ve been gorging myself on carbs the last few weeks. Fallout from all those Christmas goodies, I think.

    But spiritually I’m afraid I haven’t been gorging on anything. I’m afraid I’ve been merely nibbling all day long. It’s time to dig in and stuff myself on the meat of the Word of God.

    Thanks for this clever reminder, Donna.



  2. I love daily devotionals. A favorite author: Chris Tiegreen.
    I also recently found a Bible that is split up, so you read a little bit (in order) from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. Together, it’s wonderful spiritual food. We usually read these at supper … and it sparks many discussions, so it’s good food all around.


    1. I love the thoughts of a bible that is split up the way you described. VERY neat! I found a Bible reading schedule that sounds similar. I’ll also be taking Discipleship classes at church again. That tends to keep me in the Word in a more disciplined manner. 🙂

      I hope you and your family are doing wonderfully, my friend!



  3. Donna,

    Interesting diet plans….I don’t know if you have your girls journal, but why not consider having them keep a spiritual journal that can be shared at the dinner table or at bedtime. You could keep one also. Perhaps everyone could write on a designated prompt each day based on a quote, scripture passage, devotion, etc. Personally, I like getting devotions emailed to me daily. It’s something I just started and I read every day now.

    Linda A.


    1. I love keeping a prayer journal, Linda. It helps me see keep everything in mind and in perspective.

      And yes, those “diets” are interesting. Unfortunately, most of us fall into those categories at times. When prayertime is replaced with gossip, bible reading is replaced by sleep, TV or the internet and so on.

      I started my devotional book last night. GOOD stuff! The first chapter is on the Holy Spirit.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your ideas. You are a faithful friend ANd blog poster. I look forward to your comments every day!



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