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Tangled up

I have to be at church before my hubby and children b/c I am on the early morning worship team. I have to get there about an hour before everyone else. I give my sweet girls instructions before I leave:

Shower/get washed up


Brush your hair

Brush your teeth

But when my husband and daughters arrive, my youngest sweetie has usually forgotten to brush her hair. And by “forgotten”, I mean she has chosen NOT to brush it.

Last Sunday morning was the worst. Her hair was wild and completely tangled on the underside. *sigh* It was a rat’s nest! Thankfully, I had a brush in my bag. I whipped it out right after the first service and proceeded to try to tame her mane. Unfortunately, a soft, gentle brushing wasn’t getting the tangles out.

I put my brush in her clean, but tangled locks…and it got stuck. Again. And again.

Not fun for either of us. Especially my sweet girl.

I did everything I could to keep it from hurting – but I know it hurt, anyway. I tried to hold her hair so it didn’t pull her scalp. I brushed from the bottom up…and then from the top down. I moved her hair out of the way and brushed it in smaller portions, then did bigger ones.

But still… I know it hurt.

Anyone who was watching may have wondered if I could have been more gentle.

I wish I could have. But I didn’t have 2 hours to get the tangles out.

Isn’t that the way it is sometimes in our lives?  God give us instructions – but we don’t always listen. Or maybe (just maybe) we listen… but don’t want to do what He’s told us. Then, when we arrive in His presence, we are all tangled up. We’re in need of a good brushing!

I know for me, when God starts “brushing out” the tangles in my life… it doesn’t always feel good. And it’s not always fun. Especially when the tangles are so bad that I’m not sure if I’d rather God just cut it all off and start over!

Have you ever felt that way? Ever felt that you are too tangled to move? If so, know that God is Master Creator… and Master Cutter, too! According to John 15:2, 2 He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes[a] so that it will be even more fruitful. (NIV)

The good news is this: Jesus can sort it all out. Sometimes He brushes out the tangles, other times he cuts off the dead ends. Whatever way he chooses to get rid the tangles, we can be assured it will be the right solution.

One way I know I can keep tangles more at bay is by getting my spirit “brushed” A LOT! Getting in the word, spending time in God’s presence and inviting the Holy Spirit to work out the tangles in my life on a daily basis (and moment by moment basis) are all part of a good daily brushing. But like my daughter, I am not always obedient. And just like I still love my daughter… I’m so glad the Lord still loves me!

Can you feel the tangles when they first appear… or do you wait until you’ve got a spirit full of tangles before you ask the Lord’s help? I think I do both. I feel the tangles, but sometimes I’m too lazy (or maybe prideful?) to ask for the Lord to brush them out. When I finally do, well… let’s just say He sometimes has to break out the Holy Spirit Scissors! 🙂

How about you? How do you make sure your spirit is getting a good “brushing”?


9 thoughts on “Tangled up

  1. Hi Donna,

    I really enjoyed this very much. Poor tangled mess and the two working on it.

    I just joined a Wednesday night study group at church. I think attending discussion groups and reading great inspirational blog posts like this one are one way to help loosen the tangles and knots.

    Linda A.


    1. I was surprised at how the John passage hit me when writing this blog post. I was like.. “OH!!! That’s sooo cool!!!!” (and yes, I’m sure it had that many exclamation points when I said it.) 🙂 🙂


  2. Thanks, Donna. A great analogy. I can remember (as a child) my little sister’s long, thick. black hair being perpetually tangled. She and my Mom went ’round and ’round about it daily.

    Those tangles are so much easier to UNtangle one-at-a-time, aren’t they?

    Thanks for this vivid reminder.



  3. DDear Donna,,
    I enjoyed your post. My sister had long hair that went way below her hips. Its tangles caused many a tear. God can give us the way to heal the tears.
    Do something good for you today. Rejoice in God’s love for you.


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