writing for children


My laptop has decided to go on strike and we are currently in negotiations as to when it will be back to work. (FYI: I am writing this from my hubby’s computer and will be back to normal blogging schedule ASAP.)

So – if you have NOT received a contest critique from me, please be patient. It will be another week or so before I am able to send it.

If you won the contest and have NOT received your book by next Friday, please let me know.


5 thoughts on “CRASH

  1. Oh, been there done that … not a good thing! But the up side of it for me was that when I reloaded programs I got the newer versions and some better things. Maybe you will be happier with it when all is well again.

    I wondered why I hadn’t seen you on Twitter lately! Hoping you can come back soon.


    1. I miss twitter, but after Lent I’ll be back on more frequently. It has been a little nice to be without my computer. I had an excuse not to do all the things I probably should have been doing. Kind of like a forced vacation! 🙂


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